About Me

My soul speaks to your soul in therapy. The outer trappings fall away and I work in partnership with you to achieve your therapeutic goals and to provide you with the tools to live your optimal life.

Take Control Of Your Mental Well-being

I am a bilingual clinical social worker trained in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT). I incorporate mindfulness techniques in my practice in order to provide a holistic approach to my clients. This means that we will also discuss (if you agree) your exercise, dietary and other habits that impact your general well-being. As a professional social worker, I am trained to treat the individual taking into account his or her psychosocial context along with the presenting issue.

Before coming to the field of social work I was a lecturer in French and a legal assistant. Both of these careers allow me to bring valuable experience to the clinical field, not only in the attention to individuality and diversity but with a keen awareness of legal rights and obligations that impact our daily human existence.

Heal Your Soul

More About My Therapeutic Techniques

I receive each individual as a fellow sojourner on this Earth with compassion and understanding. No, I am not blind to your race, religion, civil or social status. After all, these factors all contribute to make you the unique individual that you are and how you respond to your life experiences. However, I definitely will not consider you or treat you as any more or less important than anyone else because of those same factors.